Ecology - Aureko

Every day LARS designs and manufactures lighting based on modern LED technology, which helps to reduce energy consumption and supports environmental protection. However, we believe that this is not enough. Introduction of new products to replace used lamps, fluorescent lamps, light bulbs, and waste generation lead to obvious questions:

What happens to the used or broken components?

Do they all get sent to the garbage dump and thus pollute our ecosystem?

To prevent environmental degradation and to make sure that our actions do not generate negative consequences for the environment, we decided to establish cooperation with other Polish manufacturers of lighting who shared common values.

By combining the forces of the biggest Polish manufacturers of lighting we have achieved success in the form of the company AURAEKO, which deals with the collection and processing of waste lighting from all over the country. We bought the institution that utilizes this waste near Belchatow in a special area near the mining regions. The recycling takes place here and is 100% safe for both humans and the environment.

Therefore, we are confident that we have secured environment from the potentially adverse impact of the chain: production - sales - exploitation - utilization. As a family company, we believe we have not received the world from our parents, but we only borrowed it from our children... For that reason, let us leave it cleaner.