LARS Expands its Electronic Manufacturing Services, Offering High-Quality Solutions in EU Market

LARS Group is pleased to announce the expansion of its Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) to meet the growing demands of the market. With a focus on Surface Mount Technology (SMT), Through-Hole Technology (THT), and Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), LARS is poised to deliver exceptional quality services to its partners. 
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As part of this expansion, LARS has made significant investments in cutting-edge equipment and technology, ensuring precise and efficient manufacturing processes. With strengthened capabilities in SMT and THT assembly, LARS can handle even the most complex projects with utmost precision and reliability. 
Recognizing the importance of New Product Introduction (NPI), LARS has dedicated resources to support customers during the critical early stages of product development. “We realize that introducing new products to the market can be difficult. Especially for partners who introduce electronic solutions to products that previously did not contain electronics, such as chairs, flower pots, stairs, shelves and many others” said Andrzej Szymanski, the owner of LARS. By providing expert guidance and streamlined processes, LARS enables faster time-to-market and smoother production transitions for its clients. 
One of the key advantages of LARS' expansion is its presence within the European Union (EU). By establishing a manufacturing facility in central Europe, LARS offers several benefits to its customers, including reduced lead times, enhanced communication, and compliance with EU regulations.  
LARS has always been committed to delivering high-quality services, and this expansion further reinforces that commitment. The company remains dedicated to upholding the highest standards of excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction. With its expanded EMS solutions, LARS aims to forge long-term partnerships and contribute to the advancement of the electronics industry. 
"We are thrilled to expand our Electronic Manufacturing Services and bring our expertise to the new partners," said Andrzej Szymanski. "Our manufacturing facility, combined with our commitment to quality, positions us as a trusted partner for electronic production needs. We look forward to providing exceptional services to our customers and contributing to their success." 
LARS' expansion of Electronic Manufacturing Services marks an important milestone in the company's growth trajectory. This strategic move enables LARS to better serve its customers, foster innovation, and drive industry advancements. Find out more about contract electronic manufacturing at: