LED aluminium profiles - what is worth knowing about them?

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An aluminium LED profile recessed into a ceiling, wall or piece of furniture is an essential component for the safe installation of this type of lighting. However, it is a big, but unfortunately not uncommon mistake to attempt to fit a LED strip without a suitable profile made of aluminium. Why is this so important? What is the LED aluminium strip used for and what is it for?

  • What is an aluminium LED profile?
  • What is a LED profile?

It is an extremely important part of the LED installation, which has a real impact on the safety of the installation and the life of the strip itself. Many industry reports state that the use of an additional profile made of aluminium can extend the life of LEDs by up to a third! What's more - good quality aluminium profiles effectively dissipate heat. This offers new design possibilities and makes it possible, for example, to use LED profiles on surfaces made of wood.

However, in order to understand the advantages of this type of solution, it is necessary to know the characteristics of aluminium. In addition to the increased safety associated with heat dissipation, it is also a stainless steel material and very ductile. It is easy to work with, making it almost ideal for complex and imaginative lighting projects.

  • How do I choose an aluminium LED profile?

Currently, LED tape is a very fashionable type of lighting for offices, commercial premises and homes.

  • Where should I install such an installation?

The most important thing - LED strips are not recommended to be installed directly on surfaces such as walls, plasterboard, wooden surfaces etc. To make the installation safe and durable, it is necessary to supplement it with aluminium profiles.

  • What are they used for?

Apart from the above-described functions, aluminium profiles, the so-called troughs, additionally protect the delicate LED strips from contamination: dirt, dust, but also from accidental detaching from the surface. Add to this protection against heat and extension of LED life - aluminium profiles are becoming an integral part of modern lighting installations. The choice of suitable products depends on the durability and quality of such solutions. A good LED lighting manufacturer has all types of aluminium profiles in offer, which can be freely matched to the planned modernisation work.

Types of LED aluminium profiles

PRISM - This is a profile prepared for non-invasive installation on walls, ceilings and other surfaces.    Its main advantages include the fact that no additional grooves need to be made in the surface structure for permanent installation.

WALL - one of the most popular profiles,  great for softly illuminating long corridors in offices, homes and hotels. This type of profile is very durable and resistant to accidental damage - it can be mounted vertically and horizontally.

LA -  a uniquely designed profile, which looks great when installed right up against the edges of walls, furniture, ceilings and thresholds. Thanks to its unusual construction, the profile can be installed in two ways and the angle of incidence of light can be adjusted.

LAP -  this profile is suitable in places where light intensity plays a key role. The large illuminating surface is very striking and the profile's robust construction efficiently dissipates heat - perfect for room lighting.

SHADOWLINE - a line of aluminium profiles in black with a black shade that disappears in dark interiors.  The profile, due to its colour and design, can perfectly complement modern arrangements.

LM - a unique aluminium profile that has been created for subtle but visible spotlighting of paintings, decorative elements, wall sculptures etc. This is a straightforwardly ideal and modern solution for lighting in art galleries.

In addition to the exceptional variants of aluminium profiles described above, it is also worth paying attention to simple and classic solutions, such as LED profiles made not of aluminium, but of PVC, available in different colours.

  • Which profile to choose?

As you can see, some of the profile types in offer are so-called universal LED profiles, with which you can illuminate not only furniture and decorative elements, but also rooms There is no clear answer to the question which one is the best, just as there are no universal solutions. The different types of aluminium troughs are always matched to the type of surface and the design goals (room lighting, mirror backlighting, furniture, etc.).

LED aluminium strips and compatible LED drivers have taken lighting technology to a new, energy-efficient level! However, to ensure that LED strips last long enough and that the entire installation is safe - it is essential to choose good products from proven manufacturers.