Strip lights


A centimeter collar is ideal for sewing, nailing or gluing in clothing and attires. It is often an important illumination element of safety and protective clothing as well as an eye-catching element of artists’ outfits.   

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Colours available

  • blue
  • lemon
  • pink

General description

LumiTEC T wire (diameter available):
  • 3,5 mm
LumiTEC wire description:

LumiTEC wire is structured of single central electrode, covered by mixture of isolator, binder and phosphor, and two-wire conductor - second electrode - spooled over the central electrode. It is surrounded by outer, colour or transparent, isolation. Such structure ensures elasticity and regular 360° lighting.

The wires are powered by inverters which converts input voltage (AC or DC) to required level and generates specific frequency different for every type of inverter. The inverter is fit to total length of LumiTEC wire.
Power consumption of LumiTEC wire is placed within range of 0,1-0,4 W/m - it means that 150 meters of wire uses same power as one 60W bulb.

Elasticity, regular distribution of cold light on total length and circumference of the wire, low power consumption, possibility of cutting in any place and many other advantages makes the LumiTEC wire more and more wanted. Possibilities of use expands each day.

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